Is the Argus DLM (Door Lock Monitor) unit compliant with the Door Lock Monitoring requirement in my state or city?2023-02-19T19:54:48-05:00

Yes, our unit implements the requirements of ASME A17.3 and the requirements of the Appendix K of the New York City elevator code.

Is the Argus DLM unit certified to ASME A17.5?2023-02-19T19:55:10-05:00

Yes, ASME A17.5 requires all “electrical elevator equipment” to be certified to ASME A17.5.

Is the Argus DLM unit certified for use in Canada?2023-02-19T19:55:30-05:00

Yes, our unit is also certified to CSA STD B.44, which is the equivalent Canadian elevator code.

Does Argus provide Revised Engineering Prints with its DLM units?2023-02-19T19:55:53-05:00

Yes, as part of a standard process, we provide revised engineering prints with every unit we sell. Our revised engineering prints are reviewed and signed by independent Professional Engineers licensed in the corresponding jurisdiction of the installation.

Is the Argus DLM truly universal?2023-02-19T20:01:06-05:00

Yes, our units are universal and work with all elevator systems. Also, out units are interchangeable: any unit can be used on any job. The customization is done via parameters available via the built-in graphical user interface. The wiring and parameter configuration for each job are specified on the revised engineering prints provided with each unit.

What is the standard warranty provided by Argus?2023-02-19T20:01:43-05:00

We provide a three-year limited warranty on all our products. For more details, please refer to our Terms and Conditions of Sale at this link: https://arguselevator.com/warranty/

What is your lead time?2023-02-19T20:02:10-05:00

Since our DLM units are off-the-shelves, the lead time is defined by the time it takes to prepare the revised engineering prints, which is two to three weeks.

Can jobs be expedited?2023-02-19T20:04:28-05:00

Yes, upon request. We usually process the revised engineering prints in the same order they are received. However, we understand that not all jobs have the same priority.

Is there an extra cost for expedited jobs?2023-02-19T20:04:51-05:00

Expedited jobs are provided free of charge and at Argus’s discretion based on workload.

How long does it take to install the Argus DLM?2023-02-19T20:05:11-05:00

Three to eight hours, depending on the specifics of the elevator. Most elevators take less than four hours.

Does Argus provide tech support?2023-02-19T20:05:37-05:00

Yes, we also understand that besides manufacturing a sound product, providing high-quality tech support is essential. Our tech support is given by engineers who worked on our DLM unit’s design.

What are the tech support hours?2023-02-19T20:06:01-05:00

Usually, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern Time.

Is tech support available outside the regular operating hours?2023-02-19T20:07:47-05:00

Yes, upon request.

Does the Argus DLM unit require the installation of new door sensors?2023-02-19T20:08:16-05:00

No, except for Dover DCM-I, TAC20, TAC32, and TAC50 controllers. On these controllers, it is impossible to get the fully open and fully closed position of the car doors from the controller because they use magnetic sensors soldered on the PCB of the door operator. Argus sells a car door sensor kit for these controllers that get conveniently mounted inside the door operator, saving time. You can see a video of a mounted sensor kit on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgUWlPzqmeU

Does the Argus DLM unit require spare wires from the machine room to the car?2023-02-19T20:08:40-05:00

In some cases, yes. For relay logic controllers and electronic controllers that do not implement serial communication, spare wires between the car and the machine room are never required. This is because all the signals are available at the controller, where the Argus DLM unit gets mounted.

When spare wires between the machine room and the car are required, how many are needed?2023-02-19T20:09:05-05:00

For jobs that implement serial communication between the machine room and the car, three to five spares might be required depending on the controller type.

Does the Argus DLM unit require spare wires from the machine room to the hatch?2023-02-19T20:09:33-05:00

Most of the time, no. But in some front-and-rear walkthrough jobs, a spare wire is required when the front door locks are not separated from the rear door locks. This is because, on walkthrough jobs, the front and rear door locks must be monitored independently.

What are the power requirements of the Argus DLM unit?2023-02-19T20:09:58-05:00

The Argus DLM unit consumes less than 0.1A and can be powered from anywhere from 90V to 300V AC or DC. This allows our unit to be wired to any controller without requiring a power adapter.

Does the Argus DLM unit require modification of the original door locks and gate switch wiring?2023-02-19T20:10:24-05:00

No, thanks to our innovative and patented design, our unit is the only one that does not require the door locks and the gate switch to be unwired from the controller. This has some key advantages. First, it results in a simpler and faster installation while keeping the elevator wiring as close to the original as possible. Second, since the alterations are kept to a minimum, it facilitates troubleshooting the elevator down the road.

Can the same Argus DLM unit handle front-and-rear cars2023-02-19T20:10:55-05:00

Yes, all our units are identical, and any unit can be used on any job, regardless of door configuration.

Is the Argus DLM unit field-configurable?2023-02-19T20:11:21-05:00

Our units have a built-in graphical user interface that facilitates troubleshooting and configuration. All parameters are easily accessible in the field without any special tools.

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